iSelf Screen can offer EARLY DETECTION of abnormal and pre-cancerous cells

What is iSelf Screen

iSelf Screen is a patented, innovative and simple at-home vaginal cell collection device that enables any woman, without assistance, to collect cells from her cervix for subsequent screening.  By giving every woman a comfortable and private way to collect cervical cells, without having to go to a doctor or clinic, she can easily learn if she has any cell abnormalities that require treatment.

Once you receive your kit – follow these 6 easy steps

iSelf Screen is Accessible, Affordable, Accurate, and Easy to Use

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With iSelf Screen, all women will have the ability to be screened for HPV, STD’s and abnormal and pre-cancerous cells in a comfortable, discreet, convenient, and cost-efficient way in the privacy of their home. It can also provide a vital preventative healthcare measure to women who have had negative experiences in the past or don’t get checked on a regular basis due to religious beliefs, economic or personal reasons. 

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