Why iSelf Screen

Why Choose iSelf Screen™?

According to the World Health Organization, close to a half-million women worldwide develop cervical cancer every year. Of these, more than 250,000 will die from the disease. The sad irony is that cervical cancer is one of the simplest cancers to diagnose in its pre-cancerous stage. Only the lack of testing causes these women to suffer and die.

iSelf Screen has found a way to be part of the solution to this international health crisis. Because of its easy-to-use, patented design, women who have had obstacles to obtaining cervical cells are now having those barriers removed. The iSelf Screen kit allows women to perform the test in their own homes, on their own terms. iSelf Screen is not just convenient, it’s also accurate and affordable!

iSelf Screen is for women who can’t or won’t go to the doctor

She’s busy and cannot afford to take the time off from work, she never thinks about cervical cancer, she doesn’t trust doctors, she has no symptoms and has no idea she is at risk for HPV and STDs. The chance of her finding this out in time to save her life depends on a simple test. iSelf Screen is the ideal solution to women who don’t get checked on a regular basis or don’t get checked at all. The user-friendly kit makes home testing practical, simple — and most of all — effective.

Women Who Want Convenience and Privacy

In today’s busy world, where many women juggle marriage, children, and careers, an at-home, easy self-screening test will be a welcome option to gain peace of mind. iSelf Screen’s unique, patented design allows for a smooth, non-traumatic entry thereby making the cell collection simple, comfortable, and easy to use. A woman can perform the procedure in less than ten minutes without having to disrobe in front of her doctor or even leave the house for an appointment. There is no special skill or medical knowledge needed for a woman to accurately and safely perform this procedure.

Why it Works

iSelf Screen is designed as an adjunct to a full gynecological exam — not a replacement. iSelf Screen is a great alternative because it is more comfortable for the woman than the traditional speculum. This makes for easy screening and happier women with the same optimum results. The key to iSelf Screen’s ease of use is that the traditional speculum at the doctor’s office has been replaced with a patented smooth introducer/tube speculum. Because of its streamlined design, when the woman leans forward to insert the introducer/tube speculum and patented brush holder, this depresses the pelvic floor, in turn delivering the cervix in a stabilized vaginal canal so it can be glided easily into the vagina without a physician’s assistance. The introducer automatically positions the collection brush to retrieve cervical cell samples. With ten rotations of the brush holder, the samples are collected and the brush and tube speculum is removed. The collection brush tip is popped off, placed in the solution container, and is ready for mailing in a pre-addressed, pre-paid envelope to the lab.